Web pages forensic acquisition 2018-04-11T16:28:07+00:00

Web pages forensic acquisition

The activity of forensic acquisition of a web page allows to freeze the data seen by the user and to acquire the content, verifying the sources and granting the evidentiary value.

The forensic acquisition of data from web pages allows to obtain an exact and identical (replica) of the contents that can be used in an eventual proceeding. This method allows to analyse all the pages containing streaming of data, videos and any other image.

Through the hash calculus for all the acquired files, captures the entire HTML code of the web page also in cases of more frames, as well as the headers’ saving, generating a summarizing file with a detailed log of all the effectuated operations, created files and times.

The graphic image of the acquired page will have the data and time of acquisition the so called golden box, to grant evidentiary value.