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Ancillary consultancy of auditing for the following activities

Vulnerability Assessment

The activity is based on the application of a probe on the platform of the informatic system. It can be personalised according to the customer’s needs, that, through automated and semi-automated scans allows to detect possible vulnerabilities or anomalies on security in the infrastructure.

Penetration Testing

The activity of penetration testing consists in an exhaustive simulation of all the operations normally executed by an agent operating as an external threat.
Incident response
The activity consists in the management and organization of a response to a violation of IT security, for limiting damages, lowering the time and costs needed for the recovery.
Risk analysis
The target of Security Risk Analysis is that of quantifying the IT risk and that of defining of the activities of remediation.

Threat Modeling

The specialized threat modelling service deepens the process of evaluation and documentation of the risks associated to the security of data in a particular system or application of software.

This activity above described allows to identify malwares like viruses and worms as well as hidden malign software like trojan, rootkit, backdoor, etc.

Secure hard disk cancellation

The omitted secure cancellation of personal data exposes the company to the risk of civil and criminal sanctions.

NGMTECH, according to Italian and European legislation (legislative decree 196/2013, Data Protection Authority’s measure of the 13th of October 2008, General Data Protection Regulation expected to be in force since the 25th of May 2018), provides its clients the service of secure cancellation, documented and certified, through the degaussing methodology with low level cancellation and physical destruction of any hard disk or mass memory.

Audio and video files cleanse – Voice Transcription

NGMTECH provides its clients with a service of cleanse of audio and digital videos’ traces, as well as voice transcription services.

The activity consists of 4 stages:
Stage 1: feasibility test and qualitative diagnosis of audio files.
Stage 2: scrupulous listening by a consultant, cleaning of interferences and elimination of noises; this operation is done in a lab with soundproofing conditions.
Stage 3: integral and loyal transcription of all the spoken text; possible specification of the moments in which the registration is interrupted and reactivated and individuation of the different heard voices.
Stage 4: analysis of the spectrograms; this allows to verify the content and the dynamic of an audio program at any time correlating time, frequency and intensity, graphically translated with an increase in the density of points. The use of spectrograms is indispensable to vocal recognition of the speaker, since it divides the complex audio signal of a voice in its fundamental frequencies. According to the intensity of some frequency bands, it is possible to date back to the formants of the voice, very particular and often attributable, with good approximation, to a subject.