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Professionality, design, know-how of the technologies and the constant research in the field of innovation allow us to develop, make and maintain, any project, according to the specific customer’s needs. Our Team is able to exploit all the potentials of the actual main mobile platform.

Risk Analysis

The target of the Security Risk Analysis is that of identifying the IT risk and that of defining the priorities of the remediation activities.

Vulnerability Assessment

The activity provides for the execution of automated or semi-automated scanning that are not invasive, led using software tools for finding possible vulnerabilities in the internal security of the informatic infrastructure object of analysis.

IT Consulting & Project

Project management
 Analysis (UML – BPM – BPMN)
 Creation of turnkey projects
Consultancy on Java programming, .NET
– Creation of projects in the mobile world

IT Solutions

To project, to create, to manage, to maintain and to monitor information systems (hardware and software) offering solutions on different platforms. We are also able to make VPN and wireless networks, implementing systems of informatic security (firewall, ids, antivirus, etc.), offering services of systematic assistance on site or remotely. We can also project and manage backup systems or systems of Disaster Recovery, we are able to manage all the security problems concerning the management of Datacenters; we are also able to project antivirus systems for the protection of the work-place.